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This form should be used only if you are joining our Lounge Network Business Class Hosting Plan (either Windows or Linux Hosting). If you are wanting to join another one of our hosting plans, please either go to the Web Hosting website the plan is advertised on and click on the 'Join Us' button, or email us
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$39.95 + GST for 1 year
$79.90 + GST for 2 years
$199.75 + GST for 5 years
$399.50 + GST for 10 years

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Our Website Hosting Accounts can only be paid by Automatic Bank Payment

Our hosting billing cycle begins on the first of the month, and finishes at the end of the month. Therefore if you join within a specific billing cycle, a pro-rata (percentage of the month) payment is required, plus the monthly fee for the next whole month. Confused? Don't worry, we will work all this out for you on the first invoice you receive from us.

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All automatic payments are due on the 1st of the month.
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