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RSS Subscribe New .kiwi.nz domain extension approved
Posted on 24/08/12 04:20PM

The .kiwi.nz domain has been approved by internet NZ, and will be available for pre registration from 10am on Tuesday, 11 September 2012. All going well it should be available to the general public shortly after this from inside our Domain Manager system at http://www.domains.loungenetwork.co.nz. However according to the media release, there is a 500 minimum registration threshold before they will be activated, so if that is not achieved, .kiwi.nz will not become active.

Media release from internet NZ below

InternetNZ (Internet New Zealand Inc) is pleased to announce that it has approved the creation of a new second level domain in the .nz domain name space - .kiwi.nz. This expands the range of choice New Zealanders have in the domain name market and means that people will soon be able to register personalised domain names ending in .kiwi.nz.

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RSS Subscribe 3rd nameserver added: ns3.nameserver.net.nz
Posted on 20/08/12 09:34PM

We've added a third nameserver for users of our Corporate and Business Hosting plans, as well as our parked domains - ns3.nameserver.net.nz.

Any domains that already use both ns1.nameserver.net.nz and ns2.nameserver.net.nz set as the default nameserver setting, and are also registered with us, will automatically have their third name server set to ns3.nameserver.net.nz tomorrow morning (21/08/2012). If your domain is registered elsewhere you can add this new nameserver manually.

We do not expect any negative impact from this change, which adds redundancy.

Our Nameservers are as follows:

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RSS Subscribe Windows Server Updates 12/07/2012
Posted on 10/07/12 03:21PM


We have scheduled Windows updates on most of our servers, starting at 10PM this coming Thursday night (12/07/2012) and completing on Friday (13/07/2012) morning at 4AM. We anticipate up to 60 minutes of downtime during this period and apologise for the inconvenience.

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RSS Subscribe Lots of Updates to the CPanel servers...
Posted on 09/07/12 04:47PM

We have made lots of updates to the CPanel servers recently.

You may have noticed that CPanel now looks a bit different when logging in, and this is because the software has had a major update.

We have also updated our website builder software, RV Site builder, to the newest version. This is now at version 5. RV site builder is a great way to setup a free website in your hosting account, with no web design knowledge required, as you build it in your web browser.

We have now also added the option for full DNS Zone File modifications from inside CPanel, using the 'Advance DNS Zone Editor'. So if you need to make those changes, you can now do this all yourself using the self service system.

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Posted on 26/06/12 04:05PM

Below is Orcons MIR for the unscheduled outage that occurred yesterday that knocked out our websites and also some of our clients. Please note that this was a Datacentre issue with our NZ providers Orcon.

WHEN DID IT START 25/06/2012 16:47

WHEN DID IT END 25/06/2012 18:33

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RSS Subscribe SCHEDULED MAINTENANCE - CPanel Server upgrades - Server Reboots to kernel 3.3.X series
Posted on 18/06/12 04:24PM

The data centre are going to be rebooting a group of servers over the next few days. Reboots are scheduled to start from 10 PM US pacific time on each day. The purpose of this reboots is to update the kernel running on each server to the latest stable one (3.3.x series) with security patches applied. The version of the kernel running on the servers are relatively old and needs to be updated. By rebooting the server to the latest updated kernel series, all servers will be more secure and free from kernel level vulnerabilities.

We expect these to go quite smoothly, with an average downtime of 5 mins each. There will be staff onsite in case of problems. Certain servers can enter into force filesystem check upon reboot and in that case, there maybe downtime close an hour depending upon the pace in which the filesystem check proceeds.

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RSS Subscribe Windows Updates 14/06/2012
Posted on 12/06/12 10:42PM

We have scheduled Windows updates on most of our servers, starting at 10PM this coming Thursday night (14/06/2012) and completing on Friday (15/06/2012) morning at 4AM. We anticipate up to 60 minutes of downtime during this period and apologise for the inconvenience.

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RSS Subscribe Scheduled Maintenance: Webmail software patches
Posted on 17/05/12 03:44PM

This announcement only applies to our Corporate and Business plan users

Our providers have scheduled the installation of the latest Atmail software patches todat after midnight. The patches are a major release update containing more than 100 fixes and improvements to the Atmail system.

Start Time: 18/05/2012 00:00 NZST
End Time: 18/05/2012 01:00 NZST

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