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Posted on 04/07/11 05:09PM

We sometimes get asked "What makes your web hosting different over other hosting providers out there?"

Well one of the many reasons is 'Reliability', 'Uptime', and the comprehensive backup protection that we provide on our premium hosting plans. Our premium web hosting plans are all of a business standard.
Server backups have become a more important issue recently, with a number of high profile providers having their servers hacked, and resulting in them losing many of their clients websites.

For a start, our Unmetered Business and Corporate hosting plans have 14 days of consecutive backups. Yes that is 14 days! They are also hosted in a cluster, so should one service go down such as an email server, other services such as your website will continue to operate whist the email service is being worked on.

Our premium CPanel based plans have 3 layers of backups.

*The first layer is the servers all are in raid arrays, protecting them from disk failures. This also applies to our Corporate and Business plans above.

*The second layer is daily/weekly/monthly backups to local backup storage. This way if a hacker attacks a site, or you delete something by accident or numerous other activities we can restore from a recent backup.

*The third layer is our remote disaster recovery backups. These are incremental backups that occur every 4 hours. This would prevent for any type of disaster at the webserver, such as complete wipeout of a site, and it's backups. This would be useful in case a hacker was ever able to take down all data on a server.

Most providers do not provide this sort of backup protection due to the high costs involved. Many low cost providers offering cheap hosting plans will only do daily backups, if they do backups at all.

Although you are also required to maintain your own backup plan as per our terms, the server backups do provide additional protection especially for hardware failure and hackers. Please note that the backups we provide are mainly for server restoration. A service fee does apply if you want us to manually restore a backup for you.

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RSS Subscribe E-Mail Outage on Albany Server Cluster - Incident Report
Posted on 29/06/11 03:07PM

As you may be aware yesterday we had an extended outage on our e-mail platform on the Albany Server cluster that prevented the downloading of messages from around 11am until 4pm.

We would like to apologise for any disruption this caused to you, and take this opportunity to explain what happened and what our providers are doing to prevent this issue recurring.

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RSS Subscribe Email on the Albany Network - RESOLVED
Posted on 28/06/11 03:59PM

== Update 5PM ==

Mail service was restored just after 4PM. The last of the queue messages are being delivered now and we expect that to complete in the next 5 minutes.

Over the course of the last couple of months our providers have been building and testing a new mail storage platform designed to address the scalability problems with the previous platform. This is largely due to more clients storing a lot more email on the servers than they used to, as well as clients checking a downloading their email more regularly, including through mobile devices. This all puts more load on the email servers. The final transfer to the new platform was being tested in preparation to do the migration next week. Unfortunately, this outage has occurred before our providers had the opportunity to migrate.

The new platform is expected to eliminate the intermittent IMAP connection problem that has been occurring and allow our providers to scale the platform without future performance issues.

Again, we apologise for the impact this outage has had. We look forward to providing you a much stabler mail service in the near future.


Previous announcement:

We apologise for the continued downtime with the email service. Our providers have outlined the issue and what they are doing about it below.

File system errors were reported on one of our providers mail stores. To prevent potential data loss they chose to do a file system check immediately. All incoming mail is being queued while this happens, but no mail can be downloaded. The amount of mail on the email storage means the file system check is taking an extraordinarily long time. We expect the file system check will be complete before 5PM at which time the queued mail will be delivered and available for download.

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RSS Subscribe Delay in receiving emails/authentication problems on Albany Server cluster
Posted on 28/06/11 11:10AM

Services impacted: Email incoming services only. Only clients on our Albany hosting cluster are affected.

Our providers are experiencing a mail queue and at the same rate, there is an authentication problem that they are working on. Some of our email that is sent to us, is also being affected so we may not be able to reply to some emails until this is fixed.

None of your emails will be lost, they are in our queue and will be delivered as soon as our upstream providers fix the problem on their end.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Update: Our providers anticipate approximately one and half hour to resolve this problem. They have decided to do a file system check on the file server that looks after the emails in our cluster. We do apologise for this inconvenient time, however, in the light of things, we had to do the file system check to avoid any data loss.

Update: 1:20pm:
Due to the large amount of data on the drives our providers anticipate a further one and a half hours for the file check to finish. We sincerely do apologise for the delay, but it is important this is carried out.

Update: 3pm:
Our providers estimate a further 2 hours to complete the disk check process and system restoration.
We apologise for the old ETA given earlier, as the process is taking our providers a lot longer than they initially estimated, due to the number of files on the servers.

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RSS Subscribe Christchurch Earthquake and minor changes
Posted on 14/06/11 04:55PM

Christchurch has been hit by another major earthquake aftershock, measuring 6.3 on the Richter scale. None of our services have been affected by this earthquake in anyway.

We did still have a very small number of services still hosted in Christchurch region. Due to the uncertainty of the earthquakes, and how long they will continue, we have now moved all of these remaining services to our Auckland datacentre. The earthquakes do cause potential power and connectivity disruptions, so we want to minimise this risk.

The reliability of domain and hosting services that we provide to our clients is at utmost importance to us, and we want to minimise any potential disruption to our clients.

We wish our Christchurch clients all the best in these difficult times.

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RSS Subscribe iSERVE/ORCON Email outage
Posted on 27/05/11 12:41PM

- UPDATE - 1:45pm This issue has now been resolved. Email may be delayed as it clears the backlog.

There is currently an email outage on the iSERVE/Orcon network that is causing connection problems for incoming emails. Engineers are currently working on this.

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RSS Subscribe Emails getting delayed on NZ Albany server network
Posted on 26/05/11 05:12PM

Services affected: Email

Some of our users are currently experiencing an error with receiving emails. Basically, the emails are being received by the mail cluster, yet they are getting delayed due to an internal connection problem. Our providers system administrators are forwarding the stored mail to the corresponding email accounts, and are also resolving the core issue. We appreciate your patience during this matter.

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RSS Subscribe Routing problem on NZ Albany servers
Posted on 26/05/11 09:20AM

Routing problem affecting web and mail services

Update: 09.50am:
Our providers have a temporary fix in place for this routing problem. We are using one of our other providers for the traffic.

Server: Albany Network Servers

Date: 26/05/2011 - 09.16am
Services affected: Web and Email access
Issue: There seems to be a routing issue that is affecting some of our clients access to their websites and emails. Our providers system administrators are looking into this and trying to isolate the source of the issue. We will provide further information, when we have an update.

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