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RSS Subscribe Premium CPanel Hosting Accounts - Backup System Upgrades
Posted on 12/08/17 11:48PM

Rolling Update Work Window starting from the 12 August 2017

Scope of Work: 
CPanel has introduced a new backup system which is going to replace it's legacy backup system.  At some point in the near future, CPanel will no longer support their legacy backup system.  In an effort to stay ahead of this, our upstream providers we will be converting the backups from the legacy system to the new backup system on a few servers every day.  They don't anticipate any loss of backups, but it's always advisable as per our terms of service to retain your own backups as well.  Our upstream providers have tested and verified the upgrade and don't expect any issues.  
The new Backup system now functions with a new user interface (UI) and having the following features: 
The new Backup system also now supports multiple incremental backups. 
Retention behavior - When a complete backup finishes, the system deletes the oldest backup. When the system backup partially completes (fails), the system will not delete the oldest backup, and it will continue to retain the oldest backups. This procedure ensures that the system retains at least one retained complete backup. 
After the next complete backup finishes, the system will delete the oldest backups to return to the desired number of backups. 
** This upgrade will run daily from the stated start date  until upgrades have been completed on all affected servers. It is expected to take some time before all servers will be upgraded.

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RSS Subscribe Network issue at CPanel hosting datacentre.
Posted on 04/08/17 10:55AM

One of the Datacentres ISPs had a router go down at approximately 10:38am, which meant traffic was automatically rerouted, but caused very high traffic loads. When they notice this issue, they shut them down and it took 180 seconds for routes to re-converge to our other carriers, and it should have been fully resolved by 10:42am. This resulted in less than 5 minutes of network downtime, before it was fully resolved. We apologise for any inconvenience

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RSS Subscribe CPanel Servers Maintenance - New CPanel Features and Security Updates July 21 2017 - July 24 2017
Posted on 21/07/17 06:34AM

CPanel Servers Maintenance - New CPanel Features and Security Updates July 21 2017 - July 24 2017

During this maintenance window, our upstream providers will be upgrading the version of the control panel software on the Cpanel servers. This upgrade will bring some exciting new features such as EA4, CPanel's new system for Apache management, PHP-FPM, and a host of security patches. We do not anticipate any major issues during this upgrade, although there maybe some small outages.

The update will allow you to be able to use a PHP selector where you can test upgraded versions of PHP simply by logging into your control panel and selecting the version you want to use. This is especially helpful for software upgrade tests and subsequent deployments. 

This announcement only applys to our CPanel based servers. It does not apply to our Business Class and Corporate web hosting plans.

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RSS Subscribe Email issues with our ...@loungenetwork.co.nz email addresses
Posted on 23/06/17 09:21PM

It has come to our attention that some emails that may have been sent to us via our ...@loungenetwork.co.nz domain, may not have been getting through. Also forms on our website may have suffered from the same problem. This has been caused by out upstream provider Orcon, getting their mail servers IPs blacklisted, which has meant that emails sent to us may have bounced back to the sender. If you have been affected , please re-email us your message, and it should now come through. We apologise for any inconvenience. 

Please note that we have for the last few years moved to using our loungenetwork.net domain for our primary email addresses. So please use our …@loungenetwork.net email addresses from now on to email us, which are displayed on our contact page.

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RSS Subscribe Spark / Xtra / Yahoo email problems, when sending via their SMTP server
Posted on 08/02/17 05:40PM

There are reports that Spark / Xtra / Yahoos email system is currently blocking authenticated third party email addresses, from sending via their SMTP server.

This problem is apparently causing emails sent via Spark / Xtra /Yahoos SMTP server, to bounce back with the following error 550 5.7.1 You are not authorized to send as name@yourdomain.co.nz

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RSS Subscribe Wellington Anniversary Day - 23/01/2017
Posted on 22/01/17 08:23PM

Our office will be closed for Wellington Anniversary day.

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RSS Subscribe Merry Xmas 2016
Posted on 18/12/16 10:18AM

As 2016 winds down, we would like wish all our clients a relaxing and safe festive holiday season. We thank you for your business over the year.

2016 has been another busy year, with a number of significant updates and advances on the hosting platforms. All of our hosting platforms have now been updated to now support PHP 7 and newer versions of MySQL. This allows clients to use the newest versions website publishing tools and website apps.

Our main office will be closed between the 23rd December until the 12th January. We will be offering limited email support during this period. If you however need emergency support during this period, please use the emergency support form (charges will apply). The servers will be continued to be monitored 24/7/365 as per normal, in case of any problems with servers or the network during this time.

We would like to wish all our clients a safe and enjoyable holiday over the Christmas and New Year break.

Merry Christmas

Kind Regards
The Team @ Lounge Network.

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RSS Subscribe Wellington Earthquakes and Office disruptions
Posted on 14/11/16 01:36PM

As you may already know Wellington and upper parts of the South Island were rocked by a severe earthquake this morning, causing quite a bit of damage. The regions continues to be rocked by severe aftershocks. We hope everyone is safe and ok across NZ.

Our main office has been disrupted by the Wellington earthquakes. As a result of the quakes, we have had periods of no power or internet  access. So this may affect our ability to respond to enquiries during this time. We may have more power outages as aftershocks continue to strike our offices. 

Our web hosting services however are not affected in anyway. The servers are housed in professional datacentres in Auckland, Wellington and overseas, and are designed to withstand these types of earthquakes. So please bear with us during this time.

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