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RSS Subscribe Atmail Webmail Upgrades for the 01/02/2013
Posted on 30/01/13 05:06PM

This announcement applies to clients on our Corporate and Business class hosting plans.
We are pleased to announce that we have scheduled the installation of the latest Atmail software on Friday, 01/02/2013. This is a major release update containing:

-New Atmail 7 theme
-Faster performance for big mailboxes
-Tons of improvements and fixes

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RSS Subscribe Seasons Greetings for 2012/2013
Posted on 20/12/12 06:50PM

As 2012 draws to a close we would like to thank all of our clients for hosting their websites with us.

We've made some big changes in 2012, mainly to the backend systems. This includes updating most of our web hosting plans to give more value to clients. We have also updated most hosting control panels, and there have also been significant server and network upgrades, leading to hosting reliability that is even better than ever. We are proud to now have one of the most reliable hosting platforms operating in NZ.

2012 also saw us enter our 12th year in business, now making us one of NZ's longest established 100% NZ owned hosting providers. We would like to thank clients for continuing to support a 100% NZ owned company. Supporting a 100% NZ company means that all the profits we make, remain in NZ, and as a result, we pay our fair share of tax to support the NZ economy.

Our main office will be closed between the 22nd December until the 7th January. We will be offering limited support during this period. If you however need emergency support, please use the emergency support form (charges apply)

We would like to wish all our clients a safe and enjoyable holiday over the Christmas and New Year break.

Merry Christmas

Kind Regards

The Team @ Lounge Network.

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RSS Subscribe Mail authentication issue on NZ Hosting Network
Posted on 19/12/12 10:46PM

The shared mail platform is currently having an authentication problem. Attempts to download mail results in being prompted for a password. This has been fixed for approximately half the mailboxes. We expect the other half to start working again within the next hour. Email will continue to be received by mailboxes, it is solely affecting the ability to login. We apologise for the inconvenience.
--UPDATE-- This has now been resolved.

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RSS Subscribe Reminder of New CPanel and Webmail Login URLs
Posted on 29/11/12 02:49PM

This is just a repeat announcement to one we posted back on the 15/12/2011, regarding the new URLs for accessing Webmail & Cpanel. Most of our servers now have these new logins as mandatory, so if you are having trouble logging in or getting security error messages, please make sure you are using the new logins below.

This announcement ONLY applies to clients on our Premium Grade CPanel branded web hosting plans.

Due to security and server upgrades mentioned in a previous announcement, clients on our CPanel plans will soon only be able to login to CPanel & Webmail through a secure login page. Therefore the old login URL you used to use will be phased out in the coming weeks.

The new logins will depend on which server your website is installed on. Please check your Account information email that we initially sent you when the account was first setup, which should display the server you are on. If you don't have access to this, you can also try logging into to each server using trial and error, which will tell then you the server you are on.

The login links to both CPanel and Webmail can now be found on our updated login pages. The links to these pages can be found below.

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RSS Subscribe URGENT MAINTENANCE - Shared Mail Platform
Posted on 16/11/12 06:51PM

Urgent maintenance work will be undertaken on the Shared Mail Platform on all of our Unmetered Hosting plans, to ensure continued service availability.

Start Time: 18/11/2012 18:00 (6:00pm NZDT)

End Time: 18/11/2012 21:00 (9:00pm NZDT)

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RSS Subscribe Telecom / Xtra Email problems - This is not affecting our services
Posted on 02/11/12 05:38PM

As reported in the media, Telecom / Xtra have apparently again had problems with their email services. http://www.stuff.co.nz/business/industries/7899456/Telecom-may-pay-for-email-outage
Please note that this problem with Telecom is not affecting our own email services in anyway. If you are a telecom customer who has been affected by this email problem and want to now switch providers, please contact us to learn how you can switch to our NZ hosted email system.

Our email only services are $18 +gst per month, which includes unlimited email storage and email accounts. Also email accounts can be setup with unlimited domains, if you transfer or register those domains into our system. Our email system also hosted in Auckland and offers POP, IMAP, SMTP connections as well as uses the commercial Atmail webmail system http://atmail.com/. Email is stored on dedicated email servers, so it is a commercial grade system hosted locally in NZ.

One advantage our system also has over many other systems, is that domain names and email accounts are all managed within the same unified control panel, so there is only a single log in, and the control panel has been developed in NZ.

If you are a telecom customer who has been affected by this email problem and want to now switch providers, please contact us to learn how you can switch to our NZ hosted email system.

As reported in the media Telecom have again had problems with their email services. [url=http://loungenetwork.co.nz/contact.php

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RSS Subscribe Please update your website software.
Posted on 30/10/12 02:30PM

We have noticed an increased number of clients who haven't been updating their website software, scripts and plugins, which has resulted in them either being hacked, or having malware injected into them. The most common ones which have been targeted are Wordpress and Joomla content management systems. Content management systems are great, as they allow people to easily and quickly update their websites, however they do require the software running in the back-end to be regularly updated. If you are running software on your website, please make sure you regularly update the scripts in your hosting space with the most recent software. It is the website owners responisbility to make sure their website scripts are up to date at all times. Not only will this help to keep your website safe and secure from hackers, it will reduce the work we need to do in dealing with an account that has been compromised. If we detect a problem on the server with a compromised hosting account, our immediate action is to suspend the clients account until the problem has been fixed to minimise problems for other users on the server, which results in downtime for the clients website and other services.

More information on updating your website scripts can be found at http://loungenetwork.co.nz/faqman/index.php?op=view&t=359

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Posted on 11/09/12 01:46PM

.kiwi.nz domains are now available for registration at www.domains.loungenetwork.co.nz

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