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RSS Subscribe Server Migration Sunday Morning of Win 1 and Win2
Posted on 17/02/11 05:22PM

On Sunday 20 February two of the shared windows servers will be migrated into a new cabinet.

Our maintenance window is planned from 1am until 4am. We will need to shut down each server, remove it from the old cabinet and then install it into the new one.

Each server will be down for up to 60 minutes.

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RSS Subscribe Scheduled Maintenance 10/02/11 for Windows servers
Posted on 08/02/11 03:52PM

Scheduled Maintenance

All of our shared Windows servers as well as our SQL servers will have security updates applied to them which require reboots between 10PM and 4AM this Thursday Night - Friday Morning, 10 - 11/02/11. We anticipate up to 60 minutes of downtime during this period and apologise for the inconvenience.

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RSS Subscribe Outages at the Albany Auckland Datacentre on the 7/02/2011
Posted on 08/02/11 01:35PM

Yesterday as you may be aware there was an extended outage that affected email, web sites and a number of other servers that rely on the datacenters load balancers. We would firstly like to apologise for this downtime; we understand that your web site and email are critical to your business.
We would like to take this opportunity to explain what happened and what is being done to prevent this happening in the future.

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RSS Subscribe Email and Web outage on the Albany Auckland Hosting Network
Posted on 07/02/11 04:15PM

Date: 07/02/2011 - 04:15pm

Services Affected: Web and Email outage on the Albany Auckland Hosting Network

Issue: There is a currently a problem with our providers load balancer and the datacentre system admins are working to resolve this problem now. We will put more information about it here once we know more.

UPDATE: Normal services resumed at approximately 5 PM.

We apologise for the outage. The load-balancer that triggered the problem is now out of the configuration and we are running off of one load-balancer. Our providers are gathering information on the outage now and they will fully review what happened and what they are going to do to prevent it happening in the future. We will update this when we learn more.

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RSS Subscribe Upload block on *.php files
Posted on 02/02/11 05:24PM

This announcement only applies to clients on our Corporate and Business Class web hosting plans on our New Zealand based server cluster.

Next weekour providers will start blocking *.php files from being uploaded via web pages.

On the morning on the 7th of February they will start blocking *.php file uploads via the Linux web cluster. Please note,they are only blocking *.php files from being uploaded via web based forms; you will still be able to upload *.php files using FTP.

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RSS Subscribe SPAM emails not getting tagged as SPAM by spam filter
Posted on 01/02/11 01:39PM

This announcement only applies ti clients on our Corporate and Business class hosting plans, and NOT clients on our CPanel plans.

Our upstream providers are aware of a spam issue where the spam filter is not able to tag email like "Job offer". The system administrators are working on a way to resolve this problem and we apologise for this inconvenience.

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RSS Subscribe Free Website Building tool for CPanel users
Posted on 30/01/11 12:55AM

We have just updated the free website builder on our premium CPanel plans to version 4. This adds many new and updated features. Many of our clients are not even aware that CPanel includes a free and easy to use website builder, allowing you to setup a website very easily using just your webbrowser, with no programming knowledge needed.

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RSS Subscribe Wellington Aniversary Weekend
Posted on 21/01/11 05:02PM

Just to let clients know that our office will be closed for Wellington Anniversary on Monday the 24th January.

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