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RSS Subscribe Auckland Wide Intermittent Network Issue - Resolved
Posted on 05/08/16 01:41PM


We are aware that there are currently intermittent network issues in the Auckland region affecting all providers. This is affecting some customers from accessing systems on the Lounge Networks, and the wider internet. Our network engineers are monitoring this issue and working with upstream providers where appropriate to minimise the impact on our customers.

Update: Our upstream has confirmed that this issue is now resolved.

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RSS Subscribe Auckland Network Outage 22/07 - Incident Report
Posted on 22/07/16 10:17AM

There was a brief outage of approximately 45 minute at the Auckland Datacentre this morning. As it was a fault with the datacentre and our Upstream providers network, it was a fault that affected many other providers. This outage only affected clients on this network, and none of our Cpanel based customers. 
At 9:05am, our upstream providers automated alerting system notified of an issue with their core network and their engineers began investigating.   
A switch in the datacentres network was identified as causing a routing issue across the platform; once identified, the switch was removed and the availability of the network was restored.  
All services were restored and systems back online by 9.50am. These types of issues are rare, but can happen with our upstream providers network if there is a hardware failure with a key piece of the network.
Thank you for your patience, we apologize for the inconvenience caused.

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RSS Subscribe Drupal NZ Websites - Remote Code Execution Vulnerabilities
Posted on 15/07/16 05:29PM

Drupal has identified some remote code execution vulnerabilities on several contributed modules on version 7.x

Customers who sites run on Drupal are urged to review these announcements on the Drupal site, and update the affected plugins - even if they are not active on your site.

If your Drupal site uses v7.x, this is highly critical, and you should upgrade the plugins as a matter of urgency.

Once the plugins have been updated, your site should be protected from these potential vulnerabilities.

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RSS Subscribe Phasing out old legacy IP ranges at the Auckland Datacentre
Posted on 21/06/16 04:46PM

Dear Customers,

This message only applies to clients hosted at our Auckland datacentre, and not clients on our CPanel based hostng plans.

The Auckland datacentre is currently undergoing the task of updating some of their legacy IP ranges. This usually does not cause any problems, and most changes will happen automatically. Here are a list of changes that they will be making, so that if you are having any issues you can check your domain template is using the right IPs. It will likely only be very old websites, that are 8 or more years old, that may still be using these old settings.

If you are using mail.[yourdomain] or mail.mydns.net.nz for incoming mail, please update this to pop3.webhost.co.nz.

If you are using mail.[yourdomain] or mail.mydns.net.nz for your outgoing mail settings please change this to smtp.webhost.co.nz, leave this if you have anything else!

If you have shared hosting or mail with us, but your domain is using an alternate domain provider, or alternate nameserver provider, you will need to make the following updates to the DNS records.

ftp: needs to be updated to

pop/pop3: needs to be updated to

imap: needs to be updated to

smtp: needs to be updated to

mail: needs to be updated to

mail2: needs to be updated to

smtp2: needs to be updated to

www (php4): needs to be updated to

www (php5.2): needs to be updated to


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RSS Subscribe FTP Access details updated on Auckland Network
Posted on 10/06/16 09:21AM

This announcement only applied to clients on our Auckland business hosting network.

Dear Customers,

Please be aware that FTP access to is no longer available for ftp access and has been updated on the default templates.  You should be using the hostname ftp.mydns.net.nz or ftp.[yourdomainname] which should point to

If your FTP access has stopped working please check this setting in your ftp client, and your domain template.

If you are using a custom domain template for your domain, you will need to make this update manually in your 'domain template'.

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RSS Subscribe Information for CPanel Hosting Users: PHP & MySQL Upgrades
Posted on 04/03/16 12:25PM

As part of the regular server maintenance and upgrade program, all CPanel hosting accounts will be upgraded to PHP 5.6 and MySQL 5.5 in the coming months. Up to date information on this upgrade can be found here.

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RSS Subscribe 2015-2016 Christmas and New Year Holiday Contact Hours
Posted on 25/11/15 07:17PM


2015-2016 Christmas and New Year Holiday Contact Hours

As the year draws to a close, we would like wish all our clients a relaxing and safe festive holiday season. We thank you for your business over the year.

With the festive season fast approaching we would like to remind you about how to contact us over the Christmas / New Year holiday period.

Our main office will be closed between the 23rd December until the 11th January. We will be offering limited email support during this period. If you however need emergency support during this period, please use the emergency support form (charges apply). The servers will be continued to be monitored 24/7/365 as per normal, in case of any problems with servers or the network during this time.

Please note that our upstream providers will also be implementing Brown Out, and Black Out periods, with the objective of reducing the likelihood of problems such as outages during the holiday break. This is explained further below.

We would like to wish all our clients a safe and enjoyable holiday over the Christmas and New Year break.


Statutory days

Please note that any emails sent to us will not be answered by our support team during the statutory days.

Emergency support will be available during the Christmas and New Year Break. Emergency Support is charged for as per the rates on the Emergency Support Page.

Planned Work Restrictions

From Saturday the 12th Dec 2015 to Monday 11th of Jan 2016 we will be implementing a ‘brown out’ period where we either restrict (Brownout) or stop entirely/embargo (Blackout) any changes to clients hosting accounts and servers, with the objective of reducing the likelihood of problems such as outages. The Brown out consist of two parts, a Brownout and a Blackout:

The BROWNOUT (restriction) Period which covers the entire period

•             Start Date: Sat 12/12/2015 - End Date: Mon 12/01/2016

The BLACKOUT (embargo) Period which covers:

•             Start Date: Sat 19/12/2015 - End Date: Mon 12/01/2016

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RSS Subscribe Auckland Datacentre - Scheduled MySQL Server Maintenance - October
Posted on 05/10/15 04:30PM

Dear Customers,

We are writing to advise that we have scheduled security patching that will require reboots for some of our mysql servers during the following period.

Start Time:06/10/2015 23:00 NZST
End Time: 07/10/2015 02:00 NZST

The following database servers will be affected


We thank you for your understanding while this working is completed and apologise for any inconvenience caused.

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